Joining Our Communities’ Call to Action

June 1, 2020

Communities across our nation, including ours, are in pain. The most recent killings of Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery and George Floyd, whose names join a painfully long list of Black and Brown lives cut tragically short, are a troubling failure of our ability to address racial biases in our justice system.

Community members are taking their pain, their anger, their anguish and their calls for justice into the streets. These calls should appeal to our most fundamental human values of justice and compel leaders across our region to come together in a collective response to once and for all  dismantle the structural inequalities that continue to injure our communities and deny justice for all.

Inequality of education. Inequality of health. Inequality of civil rights. Inequality of housing.

When a zip code and your race or ethnicity could be the difference of ten years in a human life, make you more likely to be criminalized, make you less likely to achieve economic mobility, we cannot achieve justice and peace.  Los Angeles must lead the way by righting the wrongs of our past and present.

We understand the frustration of community members who feel devalued and unheard. We are dedicated to strengthening Los Angeles for all, we stand firmly in our values of justice and equity. We will continue to be a voice for the vulnerable. We speak out and will take action to bring about the systemic changes that will make our imperfect paradise a beacon of inclusion and human dignity.

We stand ready to continue to work with our leaders and community to develop responsive solutions which will include funding, convening and advocating for fundamental changes.

This is an opportunity to begin a new legacy of equity and justice. We can make a difference, together. Through it all, we will be here for our community.

For additional resources, please view our Resource Guide: Social & Systemic Change here.

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