On Giving Tuesday, Give to the Future of Los Angeles

November 29, 2016
On Giving Tuesday, Give to the Future of Los Angeles

Today, people all across the U.S. will celebrate Giving Tuesday. On this national day of generosity, individuals, families, businesses and nonprofits come together to build the future of their communities.

As the foundation for Los Angeles County, the California Community Foundation is committed to creating a future in which all Angelenos have the opportunity to participate, prosper and thrive, today and in the future.

Over the past week, we have shared stories highlighting programs and approaches that are transforming our community for the better.  The Bowers family overcame homelessness thanks to an innovative approach that could hold the key to ending L.A.’s homeless crisis. Sandra Aguillón attained the life-changing gift of U.S. citizenship with the help of an unprecedented multisector naturalization campaign. And Francisco Arroyo saw his future and that of his entire city transformed by a multimillion-dollar investment that is changing the way we think about building communities.

What binds these stories is that all were made possible by the Future of L.A. Fund. Built by generations of visionary donors who understand that community needs change over time, this fund allows the California Community Foundation to react quickly to emerging needs and opportunities. Through it, we can respond to disasters as they happen, promote the most effective solutions and address the most pressing issues in L.A., whether today or 100 years from now.

This Giving Tuesday, we invite you to join in supporting the Future of L.A. Fund. Your gift ensures that our children can face challenges we will never know and that the incredible ideas of our grandchildren can change the world.

When the Bowers children grow up secure, we are all healthier. When Sandra Aguillón can participate in her government, our entire democracy is stronger. When Francisco Arroyo and the youth of El Monte can fulfill their potential, we all prosper. When we realize our futures are intertwined, we become one Los Angeles, a community unified from the desert to the sea.

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