LA4LA: Bridging Resources for Affordable Housing

May 29, 2024

The housing crisis in Los Angeles demands immediate and decisive action. In response, we are announcing the launch of LA4LA, a groundbreaking public-private partnership set to transform our city’s housing landscape. This ambitious initiative unites leaders from business, development, and philanthropy to unleash a wave of investments aimed at pioneering innovative housing solutions.

The California Community Foundation (CCF) is at the forefront of this urgent mission, providing essential funding and administrative and capacity-building support to LA4LA. Our focus is clear: to dismantle the longstanding barriers that have stalled affordable housing development in our city.

With the housing needs of countless residents hanging in the balance, the time to act is now. LA4LA is more than just a partnership; it’s a crucial step toward ensuring a stable, accessible, and affordable housing future for all Angelenos. Join us in this pivotal moment as we drive change on this urgent issue.

LA4LA is taking a multi-faceted approach to address key barriers and will focus on advancing several critical efforts, including:

  • Rapidly scaling the purchase and master leasing of housing units and bending the cost curve by connecting affordable developers to new flexible, rapid financing opportunities.
  • Unlocking rapid financing opportunities for existing developments to ensure completion of projects and secure as affordable.
  • Identifying critical investment opportunities for new affordable housing developments, including vacant property conversions. Activating entitled but unbuilt housing units, to release thousands of projects to completion more affordably and at scale. For example, there are currently over 33,000 entitled units in Los Angeles that could be activated in the near-term as affordable housing options if connected to resources and financing.

The initiative will also focus on advancing collaboration across public service organizations and coordinating with similar public-private partnerships working on solving the housing affordability crisis, such as those in Atlanta, Philadelphia, and San Francisco. It will also support and promote research to examine and replicate best practices for affordable housing development from other cities.

If you’d like more information on ways you can contribute, you can reach out directly to Terri Mosqueda at

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