The Evolving Pandemic Landscape & Germination of Positive Systemic Change

January 5, 2021

As we enter the new year, a significant and sustained wave of new COVID-19 infections has overwhelmed our hospitals while stay-at-home orders have been not only extended but escalated.

The coronavirus outbreak, economic disruptions and calls for racial justice—as well as the uncertainty of what might come next—have revealed existing inequities in our housing, education, health care, food security, criminal justice and employment.

We are at a turning point. Two roads in the forest. One merely leads to a recovery. The other leads us to a renewal.

In the California Community Foundation’s 2019-2020 annual report, “Recovery and Renewal”, we explore not only the immediate efforts to respond to the evolving pandemic landscape, but also the germination of positive systemic change as we reimagine a more equitable Los Angeles.

This report documents inspiring stories about the heroic public-private response to address the COVID-19 outbreak and accompanying economic crisis. We share how funders joined nonprofits and government to protect our vulnerable homeless neighbors who could not follow stay-at-home orders. How housing justice is intertwined with social justice.

We explore how organizations mobilized our diverse immigrant communities to support English Learners at risk of being left behind in the shift to remote online learning. How an investment in English Learners is an investment in our future.

“By leveraging the talents and resources of all sectors—public, private and philanthropic—we did what none of us could achieve on our own and are creating sustainable solutions that will continue to affect lives for years to come,” says Antonia Hernández, CCF’s President & Chief Executive Officer.

What intertwines these stories together is the need to renew Los Angeles instead of simply recovering our broken systems. We continue to be inspired by your hard work and dedication to creating a better future, and we invite you to join us in Building Los Angeles Together in 2021.

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