Immediate, Direct & Inspirational: May 6th is Pass It Along LA Day

April 30, 2014

PIALA Logo (with URL)A purse gets stolen. A refrigerator breaks down. Eye glasses need to be purchased. What most of us consider as minor inconveniences could be life changing for many who are vulnerable. These critical moments often do not cost much in dollars, but, unaddressed, they could cost a great deal to an individual or family’s well being.

Established by anonymous donors in the true spirit of giving, the Pass It Along Fund makes small, one-time grants within 72 hours to individuals in our community facing an urgent need involving food, shelter, utilities, transportation, and more.  Recipients are asked to repay their grant by paying it forward through two acts of kindness to others.

The model of direct, immediate assistance during a critical, potentially life-altering moment of need is unique and powerful in Los Angeles County.

On Tuesday, May 6, the California Community Foundation will participate in a national giving day designed to inspire people across the U.S. to give to local non-profit organizations and make an impact in their communities.  We have chosen to take this opportunity to raise funds exclusively for Pass It Along, so that we can continue to offer assistance to people when they need it most. We are so inspired by the power of the Pass It Along Fund that we are asking caring Angelenos to help match our contribution of $250,000.

Since 2000, the Pass It Along Fund has helped more than 1,300 individuals with grants totaling nearly $1.5 million.  Our network of non-profit grantee organizations identifies Pass It Along recipients and provides case management to ensure their success.  A few examples of Pass It Along recipients include:

  • A family that escaped an abusive father with no money and nowhere to go. A gift of $4,300 from the Pass It Along Fund turned their lives around in just 72 hours, allowing the mother to pay the security deposit and first and last month’s rent for a new apartment. To express her gratitude, she “passed along” the kindness by embroidering tablecloths and linens for neighbors and others who could use them.
  • A disabled senior whose purse was stolen, including her rent money, leading to an eviction notice.  A grant from the Pass It Along Fund eliminated the threat of homelessness.  Today, the grateful senior “passes along” acts of kindness by stepping in to provide care for her family members, including her elderly mother.
  • A mother with a newborn, who made ends meet through housekeeping jobs, did not have enough money to buy a crib. The Pass It Along Fund gave her baby a safe place to sleep. The mother “passes along” her gratitude by volunteering at a preschool.

Please note that 100% of all dollars for the Pass It Along Fund go to help a person in need at a time when they need it most – and trigger a ripple effect of kindness. Please join me on May 6th from midnight to midnight at to make an impact and spread the kindness.

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