Unsung Heroes Among Us

June 5, 2013

By John Kobara

When we are at our best, we are generous and unconditional in our support of others. We are far less cynical and skeptical. We are more concerned about others than ourselves. We are more engaged with the value of our actions. When we are at our best we believe and act as if our destinies are tied together.

While we may strive to be this way, we all have encountered others who live this way. When we witness these acts of kindness, we see our own potential. It can change us. These models of generosity represent our philanthropic spirit —our true love of humanity. These people wake up and make a difference every day. They don’t do it for recognition or compensation. They do it because it is who they are.

Unsung Heroes of 2011

CCF has announced its search for the Unsung Heroes of Los Angeles. These are the individuals or organizations that operate quietly and do good. We want to recognize them to celebrate the philanthropic spirit of LA. We want to hold them up as models for all of us, for our kids, and for our communities.

Help us find and nominate these Unsung Heroes; we need to be re-inspired. We need to see the possibility of our generous spirit.

This fall we will announce the Unsung Heroes of Los Angeles. They will each receive a grant of $5000 for a charity of their choice and be honored at an awards ceremony, celebrating the power and impact of philanthropy.

So if you know a person or an organization that represents the philanthropic spirit of LA, but does not get the limelight they deserve, nominate them today.

John Kobara is the COO and EVP of California Community Foundation.

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